Find Out Number of Ways to Track a Cell Phone Without SIM Card

Can You Track a Phone with No SIM Card? [Yes, You Can]

Since almost all of us are now connected to the world of technology, it is only natural that we have questions about how exactly our phones work and are managed. From the data secured and stored within them to the way they are tracked and monitored by their respective networks and companies, there’s a lot of information that is still unknown to most of us.

One common misconception amongst many people is the belief that it is impossible to track a phone with no SIM card. While it may seem counter-intuitive, the truth of the matter is that you can actually track a phone without a SIM card!

While it is true that a SIM card is a necessary component for most cellular tracking and monitoring services, there are actually several ways to track a phone without one.

Let’s explore the different methods and techniques you can use to track a phone with no SIM card.

Track an iPhone Without a Sim Card With Find My

track a phone with no SIM card

Apple’s Find My service is one of the most robust and reliable options when it comes to keeping track of your devices. It enables users to track their iPhones and iPad even if they don’t have a SIM card installed in them.

In order to use the service, all you need to do is enable iCloud on your iPhone or iPad and then register it with Find My. Once registered, you can check the location of your device at any time and even activate a remote lock or wipe in case of theft.

The Find My service uses the device’s built-in GPS and Wi-Fi functionality to track your iOS device location, so there is no need for a SIM card at all if the device is connected to Wi-Fi.

Whether you have lost your phone or want to keep tabs on where it is at all times, using the Find My service is an excellent way to track your phone without a SIM card.

Track a Phone With Google Timeline

Ever since Google Maps was launched in 2005, the tech giant has been making great strides to offer ever more accurate and detailed location tracking services. With its Timeline feature, users can now track all their past movements as well as the current location of any device linked to their account.

The Timeline feature works best if you have a device with an active SIM card, but it is also possible to use it without one. All you need to do is enable your device’s location services and make sure it is connected to the internet, either through Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Once the device is connected, it will be able to send its location data to Google Maps and you can see exactly where it is in real time. This means that even if the device doesn’t have a SIM card installed, you can still track it and get an accurate idea of its whereabouts.

How to Use Google Timeline

track a phone with no SIM card

Using Google Timeline is easy. All you need to do is log into your Google account on any device, open up the Maps app, and hit the Timeline tab. Once you do that, you will be able to see the location history of all your devices associated with the Google account, including the ones without a SIM card.

You can also use this feature to set up alerts that will notify you if any of your devices leave or enter certain areas. This is a great way to keep track of all your devices and ensure that they are safe at all times. It doesn’t matter if it’s an iPhone or an Android phone without a sim card, if it’s connected to the internet, you can use Google Timeline to track its movements.

Track a Phone with Snapchat Map

track a phone with no SIM card

Snapchat has emerged as one of the most popular social media platforms in recent years, and it now provides users with an innovative way to track their friends with its Snap Map feature.

The Snap Map allows users to see their friends’ locations on a map in real-time, allowing them to easily meet up or make plans for the evening. This feature works even if the device doesn’t have a SIM card installed, as long as it has an active internet connection.

How to Use Snapchat Map

Whether you want to keep track of your friends or family members, using Snapchat Map is easy.

To use this service, all you need to do is activate your device’s location services and make sure it is connected to the Internet. From there, simply open up Snapchat and use the Snap Map to quickly locate any of your friends or family members with whom you have connected.

This is an excellent way to keep track of your loved ones, even if their devices don’t have a SIM card installed.

Track a Phone without a SIM with Reverse People Search

track a phone with no SIM card

One of the most useful and powerful ways to track a cell phone is with a reverse people search engine. This type of service allows you to input information such as a person’s name, phone number, or address and get detailed location data in return.

You can use this same method even if the device doesn’t have a SIM card installed, as many services allow you to search for a phone number or address even if it isn’t linked to a carrier.

Number Tracker is one of the most popular reverse people search services, and it’s no surprise why – its robust features and intuitive interface make it one of the best tools for tracking almost any device or person.

This is an incredibly useful tool for people who want to find out the exact home address of a device even without a SIM card.

How to Use Number Tracker

Although Number Tracker is a paid service, it is a powerful tool that can help you get accurate data related to almost any person or device.

To use the service, you need to sign up for an account and buy a credit package. After that, you can then search for any person or device by inputting information such as their name, phone number, address, or email.

Once you do that, the service will then provide you with a detailed and accurate report on everything there is to know about that person, from their exact home address to their educational background and even their relationship status.

Although you can’t get a real-time exact location of the device if it doesn’t have a SIM card, this service can help you find out where a person lives or has been living recently. It’s a powerful tool for those who want to know the whereabouts of a person or their phone without a SIM card.

Use a Family Locator App

In the modern world, staying in touch with your family and friends is easier than ever thanks to technology.

One of the most popular tools for this is Family Orbit, which allows users to easily track their loved ones whether they have a SIM card installed or not.

How to Use Family Orbit

track a phone with no SIM card

All you need to do is sign up for the service and download the Family Orbit app on your cell phone or tablet. Once you have done this, select which device you want to monitor, enter their iCloud credentials, and then you will be able to easily track them on the app.

This is a great way to stay in touch with your family and friends even without a SIM card, as it operates using the device’s Wi-Fi connection.

The great thing about Family Orbit is that it doesn’t require the device to be jailbroken or to install anything on the target device. As long as the device is connected to the internet, you will always be able to keep track of it in real time with this family locator app.

Family Orbit Features

Family Orbit provides a variety of features that make it one of the most popular family-oriented tracking apps available.

The app allows you to easily monitor and control your children’s activities, set up geofence alerts, create daily activity reports, remotely lock or unlock the device, and much more.

These features make Family Orbit an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to track someone’s phone without a SIM card.

Family Orbit offers a free trial, so you can try it out and decide if it’s the right app for you and your family before committing to a subscription. The subscription plans are also quite affordable, so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank. It starts at $19.95/month for three devices.

So if you’re looking for a reliable and easy-to-use way to keep tabs on your family and friends, Family Orbit is definitely worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a phone be tracked by an IMEI number?

Yes, it is possible to track a phone by its IMEI number. This can be done by using specialized software or services that are designed to track mobile phones. For example, some law enforcement agencies use tracking software that utilizes a phone’s IMEI number to locate it.

Can I find my phone if it’s turned off?

Yes, if your phone is turned off or in airplane mode, you may still be able to see the location of your phone. Many mobile phone tracking services have the ability to track a device even when it is powered off. Some of these services use GPS technology, while others rely on signals from cellular towers and Wi-Fi networks to determine the phone’s location.


Although it can be difficult to track a device without a SIM card, there are still some effective ways to do so.

Number Tracker is a powerful tool for those who need to uncover a device’s home address, while Family Orbit is an excellent family-oriented locator app that can help keep your loved ones safe.

Both of these services are quite affordable and offer a variety of features, so you should be able to find the perfect solution for your particular needs.

No matter what you choose, these tools will help you get the peace of mind you need when it comes to tracking someone’s phone without a SIM card.

Happy Tracking!

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