Discover the Power of Finding Phone Numbers with Just a Name

9 Best Tools to Find a Phone Number with Just a Name [Updated]

Finding someone’s phone number with just a name can be a major challenge, but it’s one that a lot of people are curious about because having a person’s phone number can let you get in touch with them through calls, texts, and WhatsApp.

People’s cell phones are one of the best ways to get in touch with many individuals, so how can you make this happen?

We’re going to reveal some of the top tools for finding a phone number with just the person’s name, so you can explore all of these different avenues. We’ve got lots of clever tricks for you to explore, so let’s get started with our phone number search insights!

Why Find a Phone Number with a Name?

There are lots of reasons you might want to perform a phone lookup to get somebody’s number from their name.

For example, if you’ve got a friend who you know has changed their number but you don’t have the new phone number, you might be able to get it online. Alternatively, if you’re looking to reconnect with an old friend, you might be able to get their cell phone number just by searching their name.

In some cases, you’ll have what you think is the right phone number, but when you try to call it, you discover something’s wrong. Searching for the number could help you connect with the person in this case too.

At other times, you might need to get in touch with somebody from work urgently, and you may know their name, but not their phone number. In this situation, a phone number search could be invaluable.

There may also be times when you are trying to identify unknown callers using a phone number, and checking names against numbers may make this easier.

With all that in mind, let’s look at the search tools that will help you figure out what digits to dial when you’re trying to reach somebody!

Tool 1: CocoLookup – People Search Engine

cocolookup - find a phone number with just a name

CocoLookup is a great starting place for figuring out who has called you if you’ve got an unknown number appearing on your phone. Use this reverse phone lookup service to check what name is associated with that number, and also to learn other public information about the person – like their business or their address.

Perhaps more importantly, though, you can use CocoLookup to find someone’s phone number just by searching for their name.

Simply enter their first and last name into the “people” search bar, and the service will search for all the available information related to that name. It’s an enormously simple way to access more information, working a little like a phone directory and making it easier for you to get cell phone numbers for people you know.

It’s a good idea to add as much information as possible to help filter your results; remember that different individuals could have the same name. If possible, use a middle name too, increasing the relevance of the results.

Tool 2: Number Tracker – Find Phone Number by Name

number tracker pro - find a phone number with just a name

Number Tracker is another excellent option when you’re looking for somebody’s contact number. It will also allow you to search for a phone number using its online search field. Once you have made a search, it displays information found on public records making it easier for you to identify callers, and find someone’s phone number.

To use Number Tracker to get more information, you will need to either look up someone’s cell phone number or enter their name.

First, download the app to your phone and create an account. Next, use the reverse lookup feature to check the mobile number that has called you, or to input the person’s name.

The app will search for that phone number or name and display the results so you can check who the phone number belongs to. This can really help if you’re getting unwanted calls or you just want to confirm a caller before you return their call.

This is one of the best free apps available and will help you in a variety of ways, depending on the kind of searches you want to undertake.

Tool 3: Reverse Phone Number Lookup Apps

There are lots of apps available on the AppStore and Google Play that let you perform reverse phone lookups. Many of these have options that will let you find people, check phone numbers, and sometimes even find social media accounts. Some will display a physical address alongside the search.


For starters, there’s Hiya, which allows users to quickly and easily figure out who is calling them, providing an accurate database of names and numbers – rather like phone books, but with constant updates ensuring the information is current.

Number Guru

Number Guru is another option; it allows people access to a user-friendly process, where they can search for phone numbers or names, and quickly get in touch with the right people.


TruthFinder works well too, with multiple tiers of options available to suit all users’ needs. You can even access things like criminal history and previous addresses, though you do have to pay for these.

All of these apps are pretty straightforward to use, and they call on public access databases to provide the information that they show you. This kind of broad-scale data collection is key for the functioning of their service, allowing them to show accurate search results and up-to-date contact details for the names that people are looking up through them.

Tool 4: Online Directories

Search public records

Of course, apps aren’t your only option if you’re wondering how to find a phone number with a name. There are also Google searches, which will sometimes give you this information, usually by pulling up social media accounts, which may have a phone number linked to them. This is a great free way to find someone’s cell phone number, without having to add a dedicated app to your phone.

It is important to check what claims to accuracy the online directory you use has. If it doesn’t make it clear where its information comes from, you may want to cross-reference it with other sources or send a text to the phone number before you try calling it.

Not all online directories will contain anything useful; some have only information about addresses, past addresses, old/outdated numbers or workplaces, etc. Because these services are free, they are often not particularly accurate – but some users prefer them because they don’t have to pay for them at all.

Tool 5: Advanced Google Search Techniques

If a simple Google search doesn’t work for you but you still want a free option for finding someone’s phone number, you might want to try an advanced search.

Before you start, it is worth checking search engines other than Google, as these may have access to public records data, and may help you out. On the whole, though, an advanced Google search is often the most effective free way to check out this data.

What you type becomes very important with this kind of search; make sure you are entering the person’s full name into the search engines, and consider other contact details too if you have these. Alternatively, try looking specifically for their social media accounts, or for their area code, their address, etc. This makes it easier to get a phone number for free!

Adding the person’s location can help too, as this narrows down the web search and increases the chances of you getting the right information on the first page of the results.

Tool 6: Social Media Platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook)

find a phone number with just a name

Social media can also be an effective way of getting someone’s cell phone number, so make sure you check all the relevant social media sites. Many websites collect user details, and this is a great option.

Facebook is a particularly good social media site, as many users upload their phone numbers alongside their names. You can also look up friends of friends, and check what company a person works with, which is another great way to verify numbers and increase the accuracy of a search.

Check the person’s identity and account match the details you have before assuming that this information is accurate.

Facebook isn’t the only social media site either; some people list their phone numbers on LinkedIn too, and you can find someone’s number by searching for their name here in many cases. Again, you’ll also get other information, like the company that they work for and their location, as well as possibly their address.

This approach is beneficial because it is free and will often give you up to date information about the caller.

Tool 7: Hire a Professional People Search Service

If none of these options are working well for you, you may wish to consider hiring professional services to find out more information about a caller. This can give you access to all kinds of details, including their current location, their address, and more.

These services tend to be very accurate and can provide lots of information you wouldn’t otherwise get, but they are often expensive and they can also be invasive. Treat them with care and only use them if you don’t have any other phone lookup options to use.

Tool 8: Spokeo

Spokeo is a very popular alternative, with various search bar options available. You can look people up by name, cell phone number, or business number, and you’ll get access to all the information associated with that name or phone number. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

You can check the search results for detailed and accurate information about the person you’re trying to research, and it won’t just give you cell phone numbers; it tells you much more than that about the individual.

Spokeo also lets you tailor your search results to your local area so you can find out about any safety concerns, and even look up local sex offenders. This gives people considerably more peace of mind, setting this phone number lookup tool apart from its competitors!

Tool 9: Social Catfish

find a phone number with just a name

If you want to verify somebody’s identity after checking your caller ID and performing a phone number search, Social Catfish could be the answer for you. It is a specialized tool that allows you to check identities and confirm that people are who they say.

Social Catfish has a myriad of search bar options, letting you look up cell phone numbers, names, usernames, addresses, emails, and even images. This maximizes the usefulness of the searches you make and ensures you can find the person’s details reasonably easily, no matter what information you have.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

Of course, while these tools are very useful when you need to find someone’s phone number, there are some very serious legal and ethical considerations to take into account. A phone number is private information about a person and should be treated as such.

If you get one using a reverse phone number lookup tool, you should only use it in an emergency, or a situation where you know the person wouldn’t mind. Treat phone numbers with respect, avoiding nuisance calls or misuse.

Although we have listed tools and tips here, it is up to every individual user to take a legal and ethical approach to the information that they find online. While reverse phone number lookup tools are very helpful, proper use is vital, and no phone number search should be performed without a valid reason. Respecting people’s privacy should be at the heart of your approach.


So, we have now covered lots of information surrounding the question “How can I find someone’s phone number by their name?” If you’ve only got somebody’s name, it is still possible to find their phone numbers using reverse phone lookup tools, search engines, and free social media options such as Facebook.

Having a name (even a full name) will not always make such searches possible, but in many cases, you will be able to view somebody’s phone number with only this information. Make sure you only do so when you have a legitimate need!


Q: How can I perform a reverse phone lookup for free?

A: Many of the services we have listed today will let you perform a limited number of reverse phone lookup searches for free, inputting phone numbers from your caller ID or the person’s name, and seeing what the search brings up. In other cases, you may have to pay a small amount to research a person. Search engine options can be an alternative that doesn’t cost any money.

Q: Can you get cell phone numbers and landline numbers?

A: This depends on the service you use and what information is available, but many websites will show you both kinds of numbers if you look up someone’s name successfully.

Q: How can I trace a cell phone number to a name?

A: If you have somebody’s cell phone number instead of their name, you can look this up using the same tools, and the search results should tell you the person’s name, address, and often other details such as their job.