How to call someone who blocked you?

9 Ingenious Tips on How to Call Someone Who Blocked You

Being blocked by somebody can be very frustrating if you need to reach them by phone, and although it’s important to be respectful of a person’s desire to have no contact, there are legitimate reasons that you might need to get in touch.

If you’re in this boat, we’re going to cover some top suggestions that might make it easier for you to contact someone who has blocked your number.

Let’s check out a few ways of getting around a call blocking feature if you have compelling personal reasons to reach somebody who has blocked you.

1. Caller ID Restriction Bypass

One of the first things you may want to try when it comes to dealing with a block is to make your number temporarily invisible, hiding your caller ID. If you use this trick, the person’s phone may not manage to block you, letting your call go through.

The steps to hide caller ID depend on the kind of phone you have; many smartphones have inbuilt options.

Those who use Android phones should open Phone, and then click on “More” (sometimes 3 dots) to get the drop down menu, and go into the Settings app. From there, tap on “More Settings” or “Additional Settings,” and when you see the Caller ID option tap next, and then select “Hide Number.”

On an iPhone, you’ll need to go into Settings, then Phone, and switch off the Show My Caller ID. This should then effectively hide your caller ID.

These methods should work even if your contact is using things like the True Caller app. The TrueCaller app is designed to avoid annoying callers, but will not be able to detect a hidden caller ID. This can help you remain anonymous initially.

It is important to be aware that when you’re doing this, you’re not giving the other party any choice about whether to speak to you, and this can have ethical considerations.

Making calls like this could even result in legal action if you have been told very clearly to stop calling and respect privacy instead.

If you are going to do this, make sure it’s completely legal and do not pester the other person. The person’s number should not be used as a means to harass them.

2. Call from a Different Number

If the “Hide Caller ID” function isn’t working or being a hidden caller is proving unsuccessful for some other reason, you may want to try to contact them from a different number, rather than your own phone number.

You could use your work phone to call them if it’s an unknown number to them, or another different phone number. Calling from a random number is an effective way to avoid a block, but it isn’t always ethical.

3. Use Third-Party Texting Apps

In some cases, using a third-party app will let you sidestep a block. Your WhatsApp number is likely on their blocked number list too, but using the Skype app or making a Skype call from your computer could help you get around the issue.

Other messaging apps may also let you contact someone who has blocked your number, especially if the app doesn’t use your phone number. You can often send messages via these apps, although you’ll need to find one that is compatible with your device.

Google Voice is one of the apps that will let you call someone who has blocked your number, whether the contact has an Android phone or an iPhone. It can also be used to call the person’s home phone.

Alternatively, try the TextFree app, which will give you a different number and let you get around caller ID blocking in an inventive way. Third party voicemail apps can also be an option for calling, and will let you send voice mail if the person doesn’t pick up.

There are many such apps, so explore a few, but remember that you can get into legal trouble if you harass somebody.

4. Contact through Social Media

If you can’t get through to the contact’s iPhone or Android phone, social media can be a way to get in touch without involving any phone numbers. Consider Facebook Messenger or other social media platforms.

Remember, though, that if the person has blocked you, they may not welcome you reaching out unless it’s an emergency situation. Someone who has blocked your number can just as easily block you on social media, remember, so be respectful and explain your compelling personal reasons for reaching out.

5. Send a Message through Mutual Contacts

You may be able to borrow a phone from a mutual friend, but be aware that the other person may not feel comfortable if they think you are failing to respect privacy rights or becoming a nuisance caller.

You should be honest that the other person has blocked your number, and explain the situation. Ask if you can make just one phone call.

If the other person refuses to get involved, make sure you respect this, and don’t use their phone without their permission. You might lose friends or possibly even face legal consequences if you do this. Don’t drag your friends in, and don’t cause drama unnecessarily.

6. Leave a Voicemail

Sometimes, no matter what you try, you can’t get in touch with the person’s Android or iPhone after being blocked. However, their phone may still be able to receive voicemails, so try calling from a number that hasn’t been blocked, and leaving a message.

This kind of contact can be less intrusive than repeatedly calling and while you’ll only get an automated response, you can still express your thoughts and feelings.

It’s a good idea to plan your message before you dial, so you can keep it short and respectful. Be polite, and craft the message when you are in a calm, clear state of mind.

You may wish to ask the person to call you back; make sure you leave a phone number they can reach you on if so, and make sure you haven’t blocked them yourself!

7. Use *67 Before Dialing

If you’re trying to call someone who has blocked your number and the above suggestions for hiding your caller ID aren’t working, you have another option!

Try entering *67 and then the number you wish to call. Tap on “call” and your phone number will appear as “private number.” If you successfully hide your caller ID, you’re more likely to get through, although this isn’t a guaranteed way to bypass a blocked list.

Again, make sure you only try this a couple of times at the most; do not call someone like this repeatedly, as you’re likely to annoy them, and again, could cause legal trouble for yourself.

8. Request Mutual Mediation

If you can’t call someone because they have thoroughly blocked your phone number, you might want to see if any of your mutual friends or a professional would be willing to mediate. Sometimes, showing that you want to resolve things amicably and refraining from too many calls can defuse the tension and get the person to agree to talk.

If you are successful, you must make sure you keep things polite, and don’t start complaining about the fact that they blocked your number. Instead, focus on resolving the tension!

9. Reconsider the Relationship

In most cases, someone who has blocked you will have good reasons for doing so, and it’s worth reflecting on this. Have you been making too many calls and refused to respect their requests for space? Have you been unreasonable or aggressive?

Recognizing these problems and thinking about your actions will sometimes make it easier to gain some perspective on your relationship, and may reduce your desire to call their phone number all the time. The other person has the right to privacy, and you should not incessantly hassle them to answer your calls.


It’s very frustrating to find that you’ve got a blocked number, but the call blocking feature is there for a reason, and it is important to be respectful of boundaries.

The consequences of failing to do so can be pretty serious and could even result in a restraining order.

Healthy communication is built upon mutual consent, so while you may wish to use some of these tips, you need to be aware that someone who has blocked you may simply not want to talk to you right now – and you’ll have to accept that!


Q: How do I call someone who blocked me?

A: Sometimes, you can call a phone you have been blocked on by using the tips above, either hiding your caller ID, using an alternative number, or trying a third party voicemail app. None are guaranteed to work, but they are worth trying!

Q: Does * 82 unblock your number?

If you have accidentally blocked a number, you can often unblock it by entering *82. If it doesn’t work, reach out to your provider for help.

Q: Does *67 work if you are blocked?

Dialing *67 will hide your caller ID and it will sometimes work even if the other person has blocked you. It’s not guaranteed though!

Q: How can you tell if someone blocked your number?

If the phone consistently goes to voicemail over an extended period of time, it’s likely that the other person has blocked your number, rather than the phone being in Do Not Disturb mode, off, or out of signal.