How to Get a US Phone Number Despite Living Elsewhere?

How to Get a US Phone Number: A Comprehensive Guide for People Inside and Outside the USA

Are you wondering how to get a US phone number if you don’t live in the United States but need one for business or for other reasons? There are a lot of advantages to having a number like this, but if you live anywhere else in the world, you might be struggling to get one – and you aren’t alone.

Fortunately, there are options for getting a US phone number even if you don’t live in the US and you don’t have many connections there. A lot of people are doing this these days, as our world becomes increasingly global and communicating internationally becomes even more essential than it already is.

We’re going to use this blog to understand more about getting a US phone number, how this works, and when and why you might do it. You should know everything you need to about getting this kind of number.

Why Might You Need A US Phone Number?

Get a US Phone Number

There are a lot of potential reasons to want a US phone number, whether you’re running a business or you’re just an individual. If you have a business of any sort, having a US phone number can make it easier to deal with US clients, and can increase the chances that they will be willing to call you and accept calls from you.

A lot of people are suspicious of international numbers since they are frequently linked with scams and disreputable business practices. You don’t want your legitimate business to be met with this suspicion so a US number may be preferable. It is easier to find the owner of a US phone number.

Furthermore, a customer is far less likely to call an international number if you offer one, because this can be complicated, and often incurs high costs. Even if it doesn’t cost them anything, they might be concerned that it will, and this decreases the chances that they will be willing to deal with you and your business.

There are other reasons for wanting a US number, too. For starters, if you are regularly contacting anybody in the US, having a local number may allow you to enjoy better rates (if you are traveling in the US, although not from abroad).

You may also enjoy significantly better call quality if you have a local number. Calls made to the US from a US number will be treated as local calls, and this can result in you getting a better line. This makes it easier to hear the other person and reduces the risk of problems while you are speaking.

Another benefit is that you can enjoy some privacy by preventing people from checking where you are calling from. If you don’t want people to know where you are, a US number is one of the best ways to keep your information hidden and protect your privacy.

With all that in mind, let’s find out about the best ways to get a US phone number.

3 Easy Ways To Get A US Phone Number

Get a US Phone Number

There are three main options that will allow you to get a US phone number even if you don’t live in the US.

VoIP Service Provider

Firstly, you can use a VoIP service provider. VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol,” and it means that the phone call is made using your internet connection instead of your phone line connection. This has various advantages, and one of them is that it lets you choose a US phone number.

You can then make and receive calls from this phone number using your internet connection. Be aware that you must have a connection in order to make this kind of call, and you won’t be using a phone line to do it. It’s a different setup, but it can prove very useful in the right circumstances.

There are quite a few providers of VoIP services, and these include Skype, Vonage, and Google Voice. Check out their options and find something that works for you if you’d like to start making calls using this method instead.

Prepaid SIM card

Another option is to purchase a prepaid SIM card. This is a good solution if you are visiting the US. You may not want to use the SIM local to your home country for a range of reasons, including that it may not have a supported carrier in the US.

Even if it does, you might be charged very high fees for using your phone while you’re abroad. Other people may also be charged a lot to call or text you on it, even if they are doing so from the US while you are in the US.

A prepaid SIM card is the solution to this, and it will give you a temporary US phone number to use while you are in the US. There are plenty of providers, including T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon.

Be aware that you probably won’t be able to keep and use this number when you return to your home country, so set up solutions for this and provide an alternative number to your contacts before you leave the US.

Virtual Phone Number Service

Another option is a Virtual Phone Number Service. These let you choose a US phone number, and then you can make and receive calls using an app or a website (or both). There are quite a few options, including Line 2, Grasshopper, and Burner. They may work well if you’re not in the US but you still want a US number.

5 Benefits Of Getting A US Phone Number

Get a US Phone Number

As you may imagine, there are quite a lot of reasons for getting a US phone number, so let’s cover a few quickly.

Easy Access

Firstly, access to US services is a big attraction. A lot of websites and businesses require you to have a US phone number before they will let you sign up with them (or sometimes to verify your account). If you can’t provide a local number, you may not be able to use the service.

That can be anything from online banking to social media accounts, and it’s a frustrating block to run into repeatedly if you’re in the US. The above methods will help you to overcome the issue, letting you put down a US phone number so you can access the services.

Reduced international calling rates

The second reason is to take advantage of reduced international calling rates. We’ve already touched on this, but it’s well worth considering if you make a lot of international calls. A lot of US phone providers will give you international calling plans that are more affordable, so this is an attractive option for some people.


A third important advantage to consider is the business side of things. If you want to reach customers in the US, you’re going to find it much easier if you are able to provide a US phone number. You’ll enjoy increased trust, and you’ll just make it more straightforward for people to get in touch with you – which will make them more likely to use your business.

Expats Family

Fourthly, if you’re not a business person, you might just be looking to stay in touch with friends and family, and that’s also easier with a US number. You should be able to use your US number to send texts or make calls without incurring extra charges.

Be aware that if you are doing this while not in the US, your rates may vary and you should discuss the setup with the carrier to see what your options are and what the charges will be.

Having a US number just offers more convenience in a lot of ways, especially if you have a lot of US-based contacts or you want to use US-based services.

Common Pitfalls To Avoid When Getting A US Phone Number

Get a US Phone Number

There are, of course, a few things you need to think about when you’re getting a US number, so let’s check out the common pitfalls.

1) Choosing the wrong type of number. You need to make sure you understand the different kinds of US phone numbers available and choose the most appropriate option. There are local numbers, toll-free numbers, and virtual numbers, and all serve different purposes. Think about what your customers (or friends and family) need, and select your number with care to avoid issues arising later.

2) Not thinking about costs. You should also make sure you understand the costs associated with your US number, and make sure these are worth it. You might have to pay setup, monthly, or per-minute fees, so check the costs come out lower. Choose a provider with clear pricing, and think about your budget.

3) Not thinking about features. Make sure you’re also thinking about the different features that are on offer, such as call forwarding, SMS messaging, voicemail transcription, etc. Check you have what you need.

4) Not researching the provider. It’s crucial to look at reviews, testimonials, etc., before you select a provider, so you can make sure they are reputable and offer good service.

5) Not checking for restrictions. Some providers don’t offer US numbers to everybody. They may require you to have a social security number or a US address. Check these restrictions before you sign up.

If you avoid all of these pitfalls, you should be able to get a number that suits your needs and your budget!


As you can see, there are lots of reasons to consider getting a US number if you live elsewhere, even if you aren’t traveling to the US. Use the tips above to find a service that suits you, whether that’s VoIP, a prepaid SIM, or a Virtual Phone Number Service.

Once you’ve settled on the right service for you, you can get it set up, but make sure you keep the pitfalls in mind while you undertake this process, so your new number meets your needs!