How to find someone's full name from their address

How To Find Someone’s Name By Address: Reveal The Power Of Address Search

Have you ever wanted to look up somebody’s name using their address? This is a slightly unusual situation to be in, but there are reasons that you might want to do this, and that may leave you wondering whether such a process is even possible. In today’s information-rich world, it may not surprise you that you can often find somebody’s name by using their address.

Finding out someone’s name using their address has many potential applications. It can allow you to reconnect with old friends even if you can’t remember their surnames, and it may help you carry out a background check.

You might also want to check whether a house is associated with a name for safety reasons – such as if your date has given you an address and you want to know if they really live there. Verifying information online is a great way to improve the safety of online dating and to ensure you know everything you need to about the people you’re talking to.

In this blog post, we will explore effective methods for checking names match addresses, allowing you to find or verify information when you need to. Get ready to unlock a new dimension of information and expand your knowledge using the art of an address search.

The Value of Knowing Somebody’s Name by Address

Getting somebody’s name using their address has many different benefits, for both individuals and businesses. There are lots of ways you can use this information, so let’s check out a few of the reasons you might want to do this.

Firstly, there’s businesses looking up addresses to verify that their records are correct and catch any mistakes. If a customer has accidentally input a number or word wrong, you can end up communicating with the wrong household, which is not ideal in any situation.

By using an online lookup tool, you can avoid this happening and confirm that the details you have are correct for that individual. It may also help you to standardize your records and check there are no minor errors that could confuse delivery drivers, etc.

Individuals may want to make use of address lookup options too. For starters, if you’re trying to reconnect with an old friend, checking out whether they still live at the same address is a great way to start.

You might also be able to uncover family history if you can look up names by addresses. If you know where a family member lived but you don’t know their name, you can check online for past owners of that address, and get hold of names and possibly other information that way.

Another possible reason for undertaking this kind of research is that it can be a good way to verify an individual’s identity. You can cross-reference information that you have with information you can find online to check whether the details match.

So, with that in mind, let’s check out some top ways of doing this!

Traditional Methods: Utilizing Public Records

Search public records

The old-fashioned way of finding out names by addresses involves accessing public records. Things like voter registration lists, local directories, property records, and more can help you to find which names have been associated with which addresses.

This may be particularly useful if you want to research family history, as you’re more likely to be looking at paper records in this case. Often, local government offices hold these records, but you may be able to access some limited options online in certain situations.

Online Address Directors and White Pages

Find Someone’s Name By Address

Online address directories and white pages are a more modern way of doing things. There are many options that will help you to uncover details about addresses and the names associated with them.

You may wish to check out options like and These will allow you to search using multiple pieces of information, such as names, phone numbers, and addresses. This can be a great way to pinpoint the information you’re looking for.

You’ll get information such as their scam/fraud rating, their carrier info, any lien records, traffic offenses, relatives, criminal records, and more. This is a very comprehensive way to search, so it’s particularly useful for businesses, but may be of use to individuals as well.

It can particularly help individuals trying to trace family connections, because of the “relatives” option, which shows you connections the individual you’re searching for might have. Use the address to find the person, and then related searches to get more information.

Social Media and Online Networks

Find Someone’s Name By Address

Social media platforms are another great option that can allow you to tap into enormously powerful online networks of individuals. Searching for groups in local areas, and checking things like mutual friends, location tags, and profile information can help you out.

Few people list full addresses on social media for obvious reasons, but you may still be able to get information about who lives in a certain property, especially if you’re looking for historical data. An online network can offer a wealth of information, so try platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Connecting with groups on Facebook can give you a lot of insight into the history of an area, and may help you to find family connections or friendships that you thought you had lost – sometimes just based on an address! If you can’t find any direct connections, ask around on groups relating to the local area, and see if anybody knows anything.

Social media is an amazingly powerful way to get information about your family and friends, and you might even find somebody who lives in a property your family used to own. Remember, of course, to use these resources respectfully.

Professional Networking Platforms

use a reverse lookup app

Professional platforms can also help, particularly if you’re looking at a business connection. Some individuals post their addresses on their LinkedIn pages, and you can use this to verify things like names and to feed into background checks as well.

A lot of companies use LinkedIn when they are looking to get information about somebody they are thinking of hiring. However, it is important to bear in mind that not everybody keeps LinkedIn up to date and the information you find may be inaccurate, especially if the user doesn’t seem to be very active on the platform.

Individuals may not find professional networking platforms as useful, but it’s still worth considering them if you’re stuck. You can get things like the work history of an individual, which may help you to determine if they are likely to have moved or stayed in the same place. 

People Search Engines – CocoLookup

CocoLookup People Search

If none of those options are working for you, CocoLookup could be the solution. This site lets you search for people using a variety of methods, including addresses. If you know an address, enter it into the search and you may be able to access information about who lives there, what they do, and more.

This can really help if you’re trying to verify an address for business reasons, or if you want to know whether a friend still lives there but you can’t remember their full name, etc. These tools are easy to use and have vast databases of information. Many use public records, but provide centralization that will make your life much easier.

CocoLookup will give you a good amount of information about the person you’re searching for – not just their name. You can even do background checks using this service, and it will give you the information that is stored on public records databases so you know all you need to about an individual.

Online Background Check Services – Number Tracker Pro

Find Someone’s Name By Address

Online background check services can also help you get information about which names are associated with which addresses, plus a whole lot more. However, doing a thorough background check can be expensive and it’s normally something that’s only done by businesses when they are considering hiring somebody.

You can use free services like Number Tracker Pro instead, and these will give you a lot of details about an individual, especially if the database has plenty to offer. They draw on some of the same sources as an official background check and will offer some of the same information.

You can learn things like the person’s contact information, including their current home address and their current occupation. The site may also display things like their income and what education they have had.

Other information may include things like their date of birth, which can help you to figure out how old they are and whether they are the person you’re looking for (which can be especially helpful if they have a common name). Relationship status may be displayed too.

Furthermore, the site offers a real-time tracker, which allows you to track a phone number – something that could also help you to pinpoint who an address belongs to. This works by sending a text to the target phone, and if the recipient clicks on the link, their location will be shared with you. This kind of search is kept anonymous, so you don’t need to say who you are.

Of course, it is important to make sure you are respectful and do not invade somebody’s privacy when you undertake this sort of search.


Discovering someone’s name by looking up their address opens up a world of possibilities, whether you’re reconnecting with old friends, conducting genealogical research, or simply satisfying your curiosity. You should now have a good idea about the various methods and tools that can assist in unveiling the names of individuals associated with specific addresses.

By tapping into traditional methods like public records and directories, leveraging online resources such as address directories, social media platforms, and professional networking sites, and utilizing specialized tools like people search engines and background check services, you can acquire and verify the information that you need.

However, remember that it is crucial to approach address searches with responsibility, respect for privacy, and adherence to legal boundaries. Always check local laws before you start gathering information, and make sure you use the obtained information ethically and consider the context in which you’re conducting the search.

Remember that privacy is a fundamental right, and obtaining someone’s name by address should be done with the consent or for legitimate purposes.

As you embark on your address search journey, keep in mind the importance of cross-referencing information, verifying results, and maintaining a cautious approach. Take advantage of the tips and best practices shared to enhance your success in finding someone’s name by address. Not everything you find online will be correct, so always double-check and confirm when you are able to.