5 Best Caller ID Location Tracker Apps

When someone has been bothering you from an unknown phone number, you’ll want to get to the bottom of it – and luckily, you don’t have to look very far to identify the caller. There are a variety of caller location tracker applications accessible these days, and you can utilize them to solve your problems. A caller location tracker is mostly used to obtain location information (like city or country) for unknown callers or contacts with whom you are unfamiliar. Some apps can even precisely track street information. You can use apps like these to pinpoint scammers too. There are hundreds of call tracker applications available right now, and we’ve compiled a list of the finest ones for your convenience.  

Number Tracker Pro

If you’re looking for a quality number tracker, Number Tracker Pro is for you. With state-of-the-art tracking technology, Number Tracker Pro offers its users many benefits that you often can’t get on other apps. These benefits include the following:

  • Discrete tracking 

This allows all your searches to be completely anonymous so they can’t be traced back to you

  • All networks

Number tracker pro grants you access to all networks so you needn’t worry about being blocked

  • Extensive data

Discover in-depth information on your chosen caller ID, you’ll be given name, exact location, and more

  • Worldwide

Got a suspicious call while on your vacation? No problem. Number Tracker Pro can be used anyplace at any time. A phone number can be tracked, regardless of its country location. 

Main features

Number Tracker Pro has many features that are the very reason ‘pro’ is included in the name. Here’s a rundown of the app’s main features:

  • Find callers name
  • Find relationship status
  • Find exact address
  • Find carrier name
  • Find occupation and education
  • Track on map


Because Number Tracker Pro is one of the most sought-after caller ID location tracker apps on the market in 2021, it comes as no surprise that buyers have a few questions about the app…

1) How accurate is the data?

The data is sourced from public domains like white papers, portals, databases, and public listings. Although the potential of having a few errors is understandable with such as large database – the majority of the data is highly accurate. 

2) Is help and support provided?

Yes! There’s always a team member on standby so you can get problems resolved at any time.

3) Do I need to pay a subscription?

Number Tracker Pro’s services cannot be subscribed to. Instead, you’ll buy credits. 

4) Can you remove my phone number from the database?

You can request that they remove your number from their system at any moment, just speak to a member of their team

5) Is the app free to download?



This Swedish company was established in Stockholm in 2009. The app has over 150 million daily users from all across the world. True Caller can provide spam blocking and caller identification services. Here are some awesome things you can do with the TrueCaller app:

  • Have your own profile
  • Categorise people as spam
  • Use the app without wifi connection
  • Make video calls
  • Set the app as a default dialer
  • Find numbers with an email address 
  • Remove your own number from TrueCaller’s database


You can stop unsolicited calls with the app Numbo. When someone calls you, Numbo compares the number to their massive spam database to effectively identify the person or company pestering you. A bonus of using Numbo is that you can block specific calls. There is a free version and a premium version – they both have the same features but the premium is an ad-free version of Numbo. 

Numbo’s features:

  • Spam block
  • Block specific numbers
  • Blacklist numbers
  • Report numbers


The app is one of the world’s best spam blocker apps. It is also good for caller ID. You can use the app to find out who called you plus you can see their contact photos and social network profile pictures. This helps to pinpoint spammers and block robocalls. Here are some key features of the Sync.ME app

  • Access true caller ID – sync the unknown callers and see who’s calling when your phone rings
  • Block calls – block any caller including those unknown and add numbers to your blacklist
  • Reverse phone lookup – find out who unknown numbers are
  • Robocall identification – Identify spam calls, robocalls and telemarketers
  • Spam block – create a blacklist of callers
  • Record calls – save for viewing later
  • Text ID – identify numbers via text message


Whoscall helps you keep your phone safe. The app is becoming increasingly popular for its caller ID and spam block services. The app has the power to identify incoming calls and text messages by looking at a huge database of 1 billion + numbers. Here is a list of Whoscall’s functions:

  • Track unknown calls
  • Only pick up useful calls and block others
  • Stop spam calls
  • Search unknown numbers 
  • Pinpoint incoming and outcoming calls
  • Chat with other Whoscall users
  • Prioritize important messages and not receive spam


There are so many caller ID location tracker apps and we already identified 5 of the best(Number Tracker Pro, TrueCaller, Numbo, Sync.ME, and Whoscall), but which do you choose? Well, it’s recommended that you consider what you want to get out of an app like this. For example, if you want to use a caller ID location tracker app for primarily reverse phone lookup, choose Number Tracker Pro. You can sign up for a free account today and download the app on the Apple Store or Google Play.