Can someone track your location with your phone number?

Can Someone Track Your Location With Your Phone Number? Debunking Myths

Have you ever felt worried about whether somebody might be able to track your location just by using your cell phone number? Security concerns are not new when it comes to cell phones, and in some cases, it is possible for somebody to track you if they have your phone number, although the technology still isn’t completely reliable and it’s not easy to do.

It’s crucial to understand how likely you are to be tracked by somebody, so you can take steps to protect yourself. Hacking techniques are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and it’s really important to have some insight into how the technology works.

Is It Possible To Track Someone By Phone Number?

It is sometimes possible to track somebody using their phone number, depending on the circumstances. Reverse phone lookup apps can make it easier to figure out where a phone is. There are a number of these tools, and they access large databases full of information that could be associated with the phone’s number.

This will contain a lot of useful facts, including the name and address of the phone’s owner, and possibly their location history. This can be made more accurate by location tracking and GPS systems, especially if the individual frequently turns their location data on. 

It’s important to be aware that these databases won’t always have all the information, and won’t always be accurate, but this can be a good starting point. It’s also very important to be aware of and respectful of privacy rights. If you are going to use these tools, do so responsibly and ethically. These tools are not meant for breaching somebody’s right to privacy.

It’s also important to be aware that these tools exist and to limit what personal information you share online. This will make it more difficult for other people to track you if they try to.

6 Methods To Track Location By Phone Number

There are a few things you can do to track a location using a phone number, so let’s check these out first.

Using Reverse Phone Lookup App – Number Tracker Pro

Number Tracker pro

A reverse phone lookup app may have the capacity to tell you somebody’s location, including apps like Number Tracker. Number Tracker Pro will let you send a geolocation link to the phone that you want to track, and if the individual opens the link, their phone will send information about where it is.

Note that the individual has to open the link and consent to being tracked, but it will let you view a live location on a map so you can see where the phone is.

Use iCloud/Find My iPhone

Apple’s “Find My” app helps you to find your phone if you’ve misplaced it. It can also be used to find other Apple devices you’ve lost and will display them live on a map. Amazingly, this can work even after the device has been turned off (for a limited time). You can simply tap on the product you’re looking for to get a real-time update about where it is.

You can also get the device to play a sound, allowing you to locate it more easily if it’s somewhere in your house. You do need to set up certain features, like “Notify when left behind,” but this is a great way to keep track of all your devices.

Use Google Find My Device

Google also offers solutions that can help you to locate a lost device. When you add a Google account to your phone, the Find My Device feature will automatically be turned on (and you’ll have to disable it if you don’t want it on). You will need to allow the feature to encrypt your most recent location and store it with Google for this to work.

Your device does need to have location data and the Wi-Fi or data turned on, but if you’ve set it to “store recent location,” this should still work.

Use Google Timeline

Google Maps Timeline can be a really useful tool for tracking where you’ve been, but it does also mean that your timeline will show all your location history (unless you deliberately delete things). This can give people a lot of information about your movements, but can also be useful if you’ve lost your device.

Carrier Lookup

In some cases, carriers may be able to help a phone’s owner find the phone. If you’ve lost your phone, ask them if they offer a GPS location service. If not, you may be able to get them to suspend the service so nobody else can use your phone.

Spy Apps

There are certain apps that can be installed on a phone that will make it possible to track the phone’s location surreptitiously. These may do other things like monitor calls and social media accounts too. Be on the lookout for spy apps you don’t recognize on your phone, and don’t let anybody you don’t trust handle your phone.

How Can Law Enforcement Track Your Location With Your Phone Number?

Can Someone Track Your Location With Your Phone Number

Your phone’s location can be pinpointed by looking at the cell phone tower you are connected to. If your phone is connected to multiple towers, it’s much easier for law enforcement to track it, because they can use a process called triangulation to narrow down the area that you might be in.

This is much easier with modern phones, as they tend to connect to more towers. Note that law enforcement may need to work with specialists to accurately pinpoint a location with this information, but it can certainly be done.

5 Signs To Tell If Your Phone Is Tracked

So, how can you tell if somebody is tracking your phone? What warning signs should you look out for?

How to Detect Hidden Spy App on Android or iOS – Infographic - An Infographic from Family Orbit Blog

Battery Drain

One of the biggest signs that your phone is being tracked is that the battery drains much more quickly than you would expect. Other things can cause this too, such as the battery being old and not holding much charge, but if you’re suspicious, this is a key sign to look out for.

Battery drain indicates that something is using a large amount of power on your phone, which could be because somebody has installed a tracker, or because location data has been turned on, possibly by you clicking on a link. Location data uses a lot of your phone’s power fast, so the battery drain will be significant.

Unusual Data Usage

If your data usage is spiking when you’re out and about, this is another indication that something is using power without you being aware of it. If an app is sending out information using your data, it will use it up more quickly, especially if it sends frequent updates.

It’s a good idea to regularly check your data usage to make sure everything looks normal.

Strange Behavior

If your phone is acting oddly, this is very likely to be because of an app that you are unaware of affecting its behavior. Running slowly, particularly if you try to open certain apps, can be a sign your phone is getting old, but it can also indicate that monitoring software is being used.

Check through your apps and look for anything you don’t recognize. You can then Google the name of the app to see what its purpose is and whether it’s malicious.

Elevated Data Or Call Charges

Increased data or call charges might also indicate that you’ve got monitoring software on your phone, or that your phone is sending out location information when you don’t want it to be doing so.

Background Noise During Calls

If you get feedback and background noise when making a call, this could mean that somebody else is listening in, and possibly recording your call recording your voice. In some cases, your microphone could also be recording you when you’re not making a call.

How To Protect Yourself From Unauthorized Location Tracking

There are a few things you can do that will help you to protect yourself from being tracked.

Secure Your Device

It’s important to have reputable, up-to-date security software on your phone. This will help to prevent malicious software from running properly and may alert you to any spyware that has been installed.

Remember to also use a strong password for your phone, and don’t let strangers handle it unsupervised, as they may install spyware without your knowledge.

Update Software Regularly

Performing regular software updates can also help to protect your phone from hacking and malicious software. Many phones come with inbuilt safeguards, but these need to be updated regularly to ensure they keep up with new spyware.

Review App Permissions

It’s a good idea to frequently check what your app permissions are and to make sure you’re happy with them. The microphone, camera, and location data are particularly important ones to check. You should run through the list of apps that have access to these things, and determine whether you’re happy with them.

If there are apps that don’t need certain permissions to run, turning these permissions off can increase your security. If you have problems with features no longer working, you can always grant the permission again later.

Disable GPS And Location Services

Disabling your GPS and location services when you aren’t using them is worthwhile. This will save your data and your phone’s battery, and it can also protect you from being tracked in many circumstances. Apps that send out your location will not be able to work if you have disabled your GPS.

However, you should be aware that if you have turned off GPS and location services, you may prevent some “find my phone” apps and functions from working properly. These depend upon GPS to locate your device, and switching it off may cause the app to fail.

Be Cautious With Personal Information

Not being cautious about your personal information can compromise your security and make it more difficult to protect yourself online. The more information you give out, the easier it is for hackers to find weaknesses that they can exploit.

You should always think carefully before giving out information, even if it seems inconsequential. This will help to ensure you enjoy privacy online and protect you from being tracked in many cases.


There are a surprising number of ways to track somebody using their phone number. Apps like Number Tracker Pro can offer general location information, which is useful for verifying businesses and checking where someone is. However, spyware being installed on your phone can give somebody excessive control over your information, allowing them to see exactly where you are going if your location data is on.